This is the part where you learn something about who I am and what is my agenda in art making.

My goals in art: I am trying to create simple drawings that express some feeling. The feeling can vary. There may be memory, the present, or desires involved. The viewer is invited to engage the images with their own experience. The stylistic line that I use is sort of self-created. I try to pull the inspirations for each piece along the track of the style, and let the piece become present. Usually I try to have themes or motifs that could stand the test of time. Some political references do occasionally occur.

Influences: I am not a professional, but at one time would have loved to be one. I enjoy the freedom of having some other source of money. The downside I suppose is that relevance becomes more personal. Past artists who I like or have liked include Goya, Robert Rauschenburg, De Kooning, Georgia O’keefe. I do track some recent people, but only rarely does new art make me happy. Here is a good one: Pamela Wilson-Ryckman.

Writing: I see artists explanations as being contrary to my goals. Once the piece is launched it becomes yours. Like a wood carved canoe released into a stream as opposed to a sailboat that is controlled by a string in the lake of a park. So, I’m not likely to give a detailed description in writing to accompany an image. If you meet me however, that could change.

Who am I? I am an east bay resident, avid cyclist, sometimes worker in San Francisco, and person who likes to not have a name on my art so that I can control somewhat my artist identity.





2 responses to “About

  1. Couldn’t agree more. Thanks for taking the time to visit, much appreciated. look forward to more of your work, Vesna

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